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Character Descriptions

Carlene Travis-   (30’s to 60’s) Sarcastic, no-nonsense and dry sense of humor.  A self proclaimed “ Black Widow of Eden Falls”, Carlene has been married 3 times. However, since every man she has married has died, she considers her romantic life gone.

Nita Mooney- (30’s to 60’s) Kind, bubbly, optimistic, and simply country woman. Nita is a big fan of  romance novels and their storylines and will bring that up.  Her Son is freeloading and making Nita choose to fit that into her life.

Mavis Flowers- (30’s to 60’s)A kind-hearted woman that wants excitement in her marriage.. Has been married over forty years.

Crystal Hart- (30’s to 60’s) Outgoing, charismatic  and loveable.. Crystal regularly dresses holiday inspired outfits and sings her own lyrics to popular Christmas songs. Crystal is Carlene’s sister. Singing is required. Playing piano is helpful.

Sugar Lee Thompkins- (30’s to 60’s) The ideal of a Southern woman. Dramatically attired in an explosion of color, Sugar Lee is vivacious, strong, and smart. It is her idea to turn the old church into a day spa.

Bunny Sutherland- (30’s to 60’s) Upbeat, passive aggressive  and upper class. She is the antagonist and ruthless. Status is everything and she wants the spa for herself.

Bobby Dwayne-(30’s to 60’s) Unaware of his rugged good looks, charming  and a “man’s man”. Bobby Dwayne has a self-deprecating sense of humor and has history with Sugar Lee.

Porter Padgett-(30’s to 60’s) A good hearted, bubbly, mama’s boy. Porter is simple, talks a lot and really loves whatever comes out of his mouth.

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