The Thespians were nestled all snug at Home Run Inn...

On December 7, 2016, the yuletide festivities were brought "HOME" (Run Inn) by the members of the Grove Players who attended the annual gala. With Linda Surlak in rare holiday spirit, directed a multitude of Christmas-themed entertainments.

A rousing rendition of a quirky little ditty called "Christmas is No Time to Diet" highlighted the hopelessness of resisting the sumptuous repast of hearty appetizers, salads, famous garlic bread and fantastic pizzas in which we indulged. During the course of evening, a short skit on the perils of denouncing Santa to your child was enacted by Jan and Steve Lown. Dick Albright did a cheerful reading about Christmas memories and amusing commentary. Rounding out the evening was an inventive game of "reverse riddles" which involved a plethora of attendees chosen to shout out the question that matched the riddle answer first posed by Linda. Backwards is the new forwards for 2017 perhaps?? Confused? So were we, but once you put the cart back behind the horse, you realized the answers were either funny, adorable and/or cheesy (take your pick!)

All said, it was an enjoyable evening with lively company in tight quarters, would be my summation. Happy New Year to all you Grovers in 2017!!

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