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Save the Date(s)


Saint Andrews Episcopal Church - Downers Grove


Sunday July 18th 3PM - 6PM

Monday July 19th 7-10PM


 Oct 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 9th & 10th

Character Descriptions 6M/2F:

Chris (Inspector Carter) M: Chris is the head of Cornley Polytechnics theater society as well as the director of The Murder at Haversham Manor. Chris wants nothing more than his play to go well, and be without issue for Cornley Polytechnic, even though he knows that's not very likely. Inspector Carter is your standard issue old school gumshoe. He attempts to solve the Murder of Charles Haversham as he navigates the pitfalls that come along with being an actor in a Cornley Polytechnic production

Jonathan (Charles Haversham) M: Charles Haversham is very wealthy, very popular, and very well connected. But someone doesn't agree as he has been murdered by someone close to him.

Max (Cecil Haversham, Arthur) M: Charles's younger and jealous younger brother. So jealous that he has decided to have an affair with Charles's Fiancé Florence and is a prime suspect in the murder.

Robert (Thomas Colleymoore) M: Thomas is Charles’s best school friend, and Florence’s overprotective and sometimes jealous brother.

Dennis (Perkins) M: Perkins is Charles’ trusty butler. In this case the butler may not have done it.

Trevor (Lighting & Sound director, and reluctant stand in) M: Trevor is the burned-out lighting and sound director for Polytechnic. He’s well aware of the companies struggles and pitfalls but is in for a surprise when he gets pulled further into the production than he had planned

Sandra (Florence Colleymoore) F: Florence is Charles’s excitable and unfaithful fiancé. She is marrying Charles for his money and stature, which is why she is having an affair with his brother Cecil she doesn’t really care for Charles. She is a primary suspect in his murder.

Annie (Stage Manager, Florence Colleymoore) F: Annie is Polytechnic’s stage manager and is really, really good at her job, but isn’t given the best resources with which to succeed. However, in this Polytechnic Production Annie is called out of her comfort zone from behind the scenes.

Audition Sides:

Side 1 Chris Monologue

Side 2 Jonathan Removes himself

Side 3 Sandra gets knocked out

Side 4 The Repeater

Side 5 Annie vs Sandra

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