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Audition Dates and Times

April 28th 12 - 2pm Kids only by appointment

April 29th 7 - 9pm Open Call

April 30th 7 - 9pm Open Call

May 2nd 7 - 9pm Callbacks if necessary

Character Descriptions:


First United Methodist Church of Downers Grove

1032 Maple Ave, Downers Grove

Character Descriptions:

PINNOCHIO (Young Boy 7-10): A mischievous wooden puppet who wants nothing more than to be a real boy.   Individual should be flexible physically and portray innocence and bravery in his character portrayal of the character. 

GEPETTO (Adult Male 35+): An old woodcarver who makes Pinocchio.  Actor should portray innocence, compassion and unconditional love for Pinocchio.  Italian accent preferred. 

LAMPWICK (Young Boy/Girl 7-10): Pinocchio's friend who takes him to the puppet show and later to the Island of Toys. Lampwick is somewhat mischievous and is more interested in having fun than going to school. 

MOTHER (Female (25-40): Lampwick’s shrewish mother who wants nothing more than parenting Lampwick with proper discipline and a good education. 

POLICEMAN (Adult Male 25+): Slightly befuddled and confused, he arrests Gepetto for letting Pinocchio run outside without clothes  

NEIGHBOR (Adult Male or Female): A person irritated by Pinocchio's yelling.   

PUPPET MASTER (Male 25+): Owner of “The World’s Greatest Puppet Show” who threatens to burn Pinocchio only to release him and give him cold coins.  The actor must display dominance as well as compassion towards Pinocchio. 

PUNCH (Flexible on Age & Gender): A marionette in “The World’s Greatest Puppet Show”.  Actor must be flexible in movement given that they are playing a puppet. 

JUDY (Flexible on Age & Female): A female marionette in “The World’s Greatest Puppet Show”.  Actor must be flexible in movement given that they are playing a puppet. 

FOX (Flexible on Age & Gender): A rapscallion who tricks Pinocchio out of his gold and ties him up. 

CAT (Flexible on Age & Gender): The Fox’s partner and equally sinister and villainous. 

BLUE FAIRY (Female Adult): A sweet yet stern benefactress who helps Pinocchio become a real boy. 

BLUE FAIRY ATTENDANT (Flexible on Age & Female): She does the bidding of the Blue Fairy and releases Pinocchio. 

DOCTOR (Male Adult): A slightly daffy doctor who gives the Blue Fairy medicine to save Pinocchio. 

COACHMAN (Mail Adult): Leads Pinocchio and Lampwick to “The Island of Toys” and then sells them as donkeys. 

NOTE: There may be doubling of certain characters, based on actor’s ability to portray different characters in the play. However, the actors playing Pinocchio and Lampwick will not have any other roles. 


Pinocchio & Neighbor Page 11.pdf

Pinocchio & Lampwick Page 14&15.pdf

Blue Fairy, Attendant, & Doctor Page 25&26.pdf

Cat & Fox Page 18&19.pdf

Coachman Page 32&33.pdf

Gepetto & Pinocchio Page 5&6.pdf

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